Christian Websites That Deliver Results For Nonprofits and Churches

We build Christian websites for nonprofits and churches, and help you walk in your calling to glorify God.

Since 2019, we’ve been using the best technology, platforms, and resources available, to help build nonprofit websites, church websites, and other online experiences that support Christian ministry.  Alongside this, we’re focused on building experiences that can be found by search engines, and that create a meaningful impact with website visitors.  Many website designers lack the tools, experience, resources, or knowledge to help their website be found by Google.  We are blessed to have been working in the field of search engine optimization since 2007, and we are called to share this experience with you.

What our Clients Typically Need

Christian Website Design

Your website is built on a scalable and flexible platform.  We love building websites with biblical content, and we love to strategize Kingdom impact!  Oftentimes we hear that churches and Christian nonprofits have been frustrated with past website developers because of their lack of understanding of the Christian faith.  We love Jesus! At the end of your website project we’ll deliver a set of training videos to help your team successfully manage your website.

Christian SEO. Get found on Google.

Search Engine Optimization

Get found on Google. Your website will come with an extensive SEO implementation.  As part of your content research, we will build an understanding of the high-demand search terms (keywords) that people are using to find you or to find similar websites.  Our SEO implementations include keyword research, content strategy, site and page title tags, meta descriptions, tools integrations, and much more.

Social Media Integration

Most churches and Christ-centered nonprofit organizations lack a cohesive and connected structure to easily feature their best content across social media networks.  In addition to building your website we can also build your social media pages for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  One of our favorite features as to integrate your Instagram channel on your website.  We love the connections this creates to your site visitors who can preview a day in the life of your church and decide if they want to follow your social content.

Grow Website Engagement

Many church websites are lacking in content, tools, and other connection-based features.  Some of the biggest needs from our church and nonprofit clients are to create custom forms, build their newsletter following, utilize plug-ins to build new features, connect payment and donation platforms, and to connect their database, CRM or other platforms.  We’ll build features that create connection to your website, social media and your people.

Christian Website Design Process


Christian Website Design Company will build your website in three phases: Discover, Design, and Deploy.


Building your website is a needs-based process.  You have needs that you’ve identified, and your potential website visitors have a set of undiscovered or unmet needs to discover.  During this phase of the project, we will conduct an interview with you and your team, conduct field research about your audience, competitors or example websites, set up a project plan in our work management system, outline dates and timelines, and assess tools and resources that will be needed to deliver the best possible website.

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Once we’ve outlined your project we will move into the design and development phase.  We’ll set up a staged version of your website, pick themes, colors, images and icons that represent you and your values, setup integrations and platforms to provide connection, and hold check-ins with the team.  During this phase we will also analyze your content, provide new content, and begin working on search engine optimization ahead of the website deployment.

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Finally, once your staged website has been approved by you and your team, we will migrate or point your domain to the new website.  Daily backups will begin at the time of launch to ensure that you have a recent restoration point. As we deploy your website we’ll also submit your sitemap(s), finalize the site title tag, page title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and other SEO elements, and set up or connect Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools.  As part of your project, you will also receive a guide with video training to help you and your team to maintain your website and make quick corrections.

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Christian Website Design Examples

In partnership with our parent company, Fearless Influence, we are excited to provide you with a few examples of our work.

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